And the winner is…

Urticaria! Or hives, if you will. Caused by an allergy to god knows what. But it’s not really an allergy because INGA DOES NOT HAVE ALLERGIES!

Anyway, this doctor was way better than the other disinterested quacks I visited. He asked me lots of questions and got me to take off my clothes so he could see what I was talking about (yes boys, it’s really that easy), then printed off a fact sheet for me and went through the multitide of allergens I could be exposing myself to (various foods and my cat topped the list). Then he gave me a prescription for Periactin, and I tell you what, I haven’t felt this spacey since I sat for a couple of hours in a caravan in Yungaburra with some certain lads I knew who had a certain predilection for smoking a certain plant which grows in vast quantities in my home town.  I have no idea what I just wrote. And now I’m off to the airport.


10 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. Congrats… I think…
    You can get an allergy test done to find out what you’re allergic to. But considering your aversion to doctors… hey, maybe you can do a home test.
    Take your cat and rub it all over your left foot, then rub some strawberries all over your right foot, peanut paste on your stomach, a can of tuna on your shoulder… etc. Go through the whole list the doc gave you. Whichever area reacts the most strongly is the thing you’re allergic to. Easy, hey?
    Of course, I can’t guarantee that this will work. But given your current state of mental fuzziness… it should be fun 😉

  2. I’m glad you were able to identify it, at least. I used to be allergic to citrus, which caused hives, and now only severe stress brings them on. You might want to look into stinging nettle freeze dried capsules, they have an antihistamine with no side effects whatsoever. Just ask doc first, but they’ve worked wonders for me. I had sun poisoning once and it cleared it up within 15 minutes.

    • Thanks for the tip Emmy! I just googled the stinging nettle capsules – might be worth a shot. The meds the doctor gave me are doing horrible things to my sleeping patterns and work performance – the periactin especially is turning me into a whacked out space cadet. And I’m still itchy. Bah humbug.

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