Starvation Log: Day 3

I’ve finally bitten the bullet and have started a diet to determine what’s making me scratch like a stray dog. It involves eliminating everything that’s delicious, waiting until the spots disappear, then reintroducing delicious things one at a time to see what brings the spots back.  

Things I can’t eat:

  • Dairy
  • Gluten
  • Citrus
  • Nuts
  • Seafood
  • Preservatives, colourings and MSG

Things I can eat:

  • Potatoes
  • Toothpaste

It’s been two and a half days of this madness and I’m not feeling any difference in itchiness, leading me to suspect it’s not food related at all. Though I must confess I’m also eating ‘organic’ steak, baked beans, fresh greens and fresh corn on the cob. (LOTS of corn on the cob. My god, it’s like crack. I had FOUR yesterday). Granted, any one of those things could also be causing The Itchies, but considering how rarely those items appear on my menu, I doubt it.  

The thing that’s really irking me is all the bloody food preparation. Chop this, boil that, mash this. I just want to peel back the plastic and microwave it, god damn it.  And holy Moses, the washing up I have to do now. All you people that eat normal-person-food and not frozen dinners, cup noodles and takeaway – are you seriously doing the dishes every day? That shit’s ludicrous. I usually do my dishes once a week, and that’s not even a full sink.  

Here’s a photo of my manky leper hide, just to garner some extra sympathy (not to be used for any purpose other than that for which it was intended – especially porn. Unless I get a cut.)

Kill it with fire

On the positive side, I have found some preservative free apple juice that tastes great with vodka. Ah come on, it’s Cup weekend. Give an itchy gal a break.


29 thoughts on “Starvation Log: Day 3

  1. Looking at that rash, contrary to his previous diagnosis that recommended lots of whisky, Dr Snowy now thinks you’re allergic to all forms of alcohol taken internally. Stop immediately. Expect the bill in the mail this week.

  2. Oh my garsh. That looks absolutely miserable!
    It’s so strange, but my brother-in-law went through something SO similar, same kind of rash, itching, docs clueless…tried the cortisones….tried different laundry soaps…etc etc….in the end it finally went completely away by itself, never to return and everyone conceded it was “stress”.

    I know that’s not much help…but just that there is hope that it will clear up and disappear and you will never know why.

  3. Absolutely no help but when I’ve had allergic hives, it took a full 10 days before I saw real relief (even medicated). I may *feel* a bit better but the marks take a while to go away, so that can’t be good news but it may help with figuring out the timing on adding things back.

      • Sorry, delayed response there.

        I don’t get food reactions like this but I’m allergic to MANY insect bites (now from growing up, constantly bitten in the forest) and several plants (that others are not allergic to, another case of clearing brush my entire life or crawling around in the forest as a kid, playing).

        I try to cover myself when working brush or hauling wood to avoid contact (also, if making contact with known allergens, washing with soap and water within 30 minutes clear it completely). As for the insects, that’s varying–where did they bite me? How many bites (therefore how much saliva or toxin is in my bloodstream)?

        The only food allergies I’ve had are agave and octopus — both mean that I puke continually for about 24 hours and need medical assistance. So, touch-wood–haven’t had your sit-ee-ation yet!

        My heart goes out to you, though, cos I’ve had some humdingers of responses to theIck.

  4. I hope you have plenty of floss. I love corn on the cob but it sure does block up the teeth. Inga, you need to go to another doctor about that rash!

    • Oh yeah, I’ve got corn in every facial crevice possible. It’s worth it!! I’ll give the Diet From Hell a couple more days, then visit again – actually I might just take myself off to a proper allergy tester dude.

  5. When I was in my 20’s I had an outbreak of Pityriasis Rosea – I don’t think that’s what you’ve got – but just thought I’d empathize with how miserable it is to be covered in itchy red dots.

      • Oh it’s not. Believe me Emjay has had every rash known to mankind. You know when you go to a doctor and have to tick all those boxes of things that you’ve had – well she’s had all of them. She’s had ones that no one else has even heard of. Which reminds me, my daughter had something called Slapface once. It sort of looked like someone had put a lace doiley on her then spray painted her red. Is that it??

      • The receptionist at work diagnosed me with Slapface too, but for a while I thought she was saying “Slutface”. The rash is everywhere *except* my face, so that’s probably not it.

        Poor Emjay! 😦

  6. Mmmmm… corn on the cob. With lots of butter. and salt and pepper. (I even have some of that good salt from your’all’s Murray River, this lovely pink flaky stuff, looks like snowflakes.)
    PS~ I think Snowy’s gone off his rocker. We might want to stage an intervention. Shhh. We’ll talk later…

    • Woo, classy! I’ve just been having it with a sprinkle of salt, seeing as butter is off the menu. I’m gonna eat a whole tub of butter once this shit’s over.

      (Was Snowy ever ON his rocker?)

  7. Makes a lot more sense now that there’s a photo. I really hate to bring this up, Inga, but have you considered that it may be a corn allergy? Not only do you eat it, but it’s in everything. Cereal, sodas, biodegradeable cutlery……plus the nasty GMOs. This lady has a whole website devoted to it (this link is not the main page).

    Just a totally wild guess, I’m probably way off base, LOL. Hope you feel better soon, girl!

    • I just read that lady’s website…holy crap, corn did some crazy things to her. Thanks for the link Emmy – I guess that’s one more thing I can eliminate from the diet and see how I go. That is, AFTER I finish the six cobs that are still sitting in my kitchen. Omnomnomnom!!

      • LOL, taste like arse…..I always felt like a cow when I took them because they smell like grass or something. I forgot to mention quercitin, which my doc also prescribed for allergies. Be careful with that supplement though, I don’t know much about it.

        I avoided wheat all day, I’m so good I’m rewarding myself with some toxic hot chocolate that probably has no chocolate or otherwise nontoxic ingredients…..

      • Geez Emmy, I’m not sure what kind of grass you have over be honest, mine smell more like “grass” than grass. Maybe I went to the health store on the wrong side of the street 😉

      • In that case I’m suprised they didn’t charge you -more-! Pretty soon you’ll have to get your doc to diagnose you with glaucoma.

        This is the brand, by the way. I should have said that in the first place since (at least over here) supplements are not regulated and can vary widely in quality and potency. It’s the Eclectic Institute – they sell ones with quercetin added but I prefer my meds seperate.

  8. Now didn’t Emmy just throw a huge spanner into the works!!! 😉

    You might have to resort to Snowy Therapy after all……..I suppose you’ve ruled out Pulpy Kidney Disease?

    I think you’re on the right track starting from square one and gradually reintroducing foods again…….hope your itches are disappearing.

    • Pretty sure it’s not Pulpy Kidney, but thanks for the thought. 😉

      I thought I was on the right track too, but if anything they’re getting worse…so I might just pay an allergist to do the job for me.

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