Itchies and music lust

So for everyone who woke up this morning thinking “oh my god, I wonder how things are with Inga’s undisclosed allergy?!”, this is for you.

The Itchies are still spattered along my extremities, but they’ve faded and are rather pleasant to scratch now – as opposed to the throbbing fluorescent wheals that had me tearing out chunks of my own flesh a few weeks ago. I’ve found it’s especially aggravated by red wine, exercise and tomato based meals such as pizza and minestrone. Unfortunately for my lovely complexion, I’m not about to give any of those things up. It’s time my immune system learns its place. I’m nothing if not idiotic and stubborn. And itchy. Because I’m drinking a glass of Wolf Blass cab merlot as we speak.  

In other news, I’ve fallen in love twice this week:

I had no idea who either of these birds were a week ago – which is terribly unfortunate because I’ve since found out Ms Michaelson was performing in Melbourne a week and a half ago. (I accidentally stumbled on her on You Tube while I was looking up Ingrid Bergman clips.)


13 thoughts on “Itchies and music lust

  1. I am proud of you for standing up to your immune system! Immune systems today are over coddled and their every wish is bowed to. It’s time to stop!

    At least the itchies are getting better. This is a very good sign!

  2. Ingrid Michaelson had a song that was featured in an advertisement in the US and a lot of people got to know her from that. She is very good.

    I wonder where the idiotic and stubborn characteristics come from?

    • Apparently she also had a song featured on Grey’s Anatomy. I hope it’s not long until she’s picked up over here.

      And the official response is “any negative traits and/or foibles are entirely my own and not a product of genetics or upbringing.”

  3. I liked the Ingrid Michaelson video. I had not heard of them.

    How interesting about the allergens, Inga. Until I was ten I was allergic to citrus. I broke out in hives big time. If I even sat nest to anyone eating tomato soup I’d be puking my guts out. Now I get hives if I’m extremely stressed out but not otherwise.

    Hope things get better. I sympathize, my immune system is a very angry child who has to be watched carefully, LOL

  4. Neverr mjnd teh typos 🙂 These immune systems are horrible things, aren’t they? I just don’t understand the point of hives…I mean, puking makes perfect sense – if your body doesn’t like something you’re eating, then eject it. But scratching? Why??

    I’m glad you have your allergens sorted out.

    • Oh, I so agree it’s illogical. I would actually only vomit if I smelled tomato soup, if I drank it (or orange juice) I would get hives. Totally odd. I always said my immune system was on the rampage. Hypothetically it’s because developed countries (where allergies are most common) have such strict sanitation that we’re not exposed to any diseases and thus our immune systems are “bored” and need something to do because the system is supposed to always stay active.

      I have no idea if that is scientifically sound, but I’ll tell you one thing, when I started to get symptoms of lupus I started going out to public places and not washing my hands as much. It acutally seemed to help a bit. Again though, not sure if there’s any truth to it.

      • I think there’s a lot to be said for mind over matter…if you believe something is helping, then maybe it is.

        So: chocolate and Cougar Town will cure my itchies!!

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