Memo to the Internets

We regret to inform you that Inga is currently dying from unmitigated spasms of happiness due to finding a website streaming Game of Thrones episodes.


Ayla and her posse be back, biatches!!

2011 is turning out to be the best year EVAAAARRRRRRRRRRR!!!111!!eleventy!!


13 thoughts on “Memo to the Internets

    • The casting is fantastic, I especially love Ned, Varys, Cersei and Arya. Obviously they’ve had to tweak a few bits and pieces but so far they’re staying very close to the books. Although now I kinda wish I hadn’t spoilered myself by watching every single teaser, ‘making of’ and preview trailer that came out on youtube. And I get quite emotional watching them all, knowing what’s around the corner ;-(

      • I just finished the third book today. I’m trying to pace myself and not race straight out and read the next one. I imagine if I watch the show I’d be in tears all the time. And I must admit that I have a fondness for The Hound. And what about poor Jeor Mormont, sob, and Catelyn, she’s going to get up to no good I fear. You can’t really get too attached to anyone.

      • Ack!!!! Emotional…I have already had two crying fits about the same event. Once in the tv show and once in the book. 😛

      • Haha Lauri I don’t know how far along in the books you are, but prepare for more sooking! I find it more traumatic to watch on telly than to read.

        Cat (seriously not used to Jane yet), Storm of Swords is easily my favourite, although I cracked the absolute shits over…well, you know that bit, heh. I’m pretty sure I nearly threw the book into the Murray (we were camping at the time). Feast is a bit slower moving, but I enjoy reading it because it fills in a lot of details about the whole place.

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