A positive start to the week…

The life expectancy in Australia is currently 84 years for females, and it makes me wonder what the hell people do their whole lives.

There’s school for the first 18 years, then maybe another 4 years for tertiary education or learning a trade. A couple more challenging, exciting years of settling into your chosen profession…then what? 40 years of clocking in and out? And even when you retire at 65, there’s still 20 years to fill. I guess you can while away a good 20 years raising a family, but what if you’re childfree? WHAT THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO DO FOR THE NEXT 55 YEARS?! Motherf***ing cross stitch?  The prospect of decades of nine-to-five with occasional drinking breaks is not filling me with joie de vivre.

This is probably an indication that I really need a hobby. Or a new job. Or an illegitimate baby.


21 thoughts on “A positive start to the week…

  1. Ok. This is good.
    I mean, not your angst, but the fact that it is cracking me up.

    I raised my kids for 20-whatever years. And I loved it. And it drove me nerts. And I loved it better than anything I have ever done. So now they are happy, healthy, good people with their own lives and I am delighted to be successful (so far) at not cluttering up their lives with leftover parental feelings. So that leaves me with nearly 30 years left to go “Huh? What was that all about?” Lol.

    I do feel like that some days, but mostly I am delighted everything has turned out fabulously for them and they can leave me behind. That is the goal.

    So….I am trying to survive stress at work…regular work bullshit and friends with sick kids stress. I am enjoying taking care of my two dogs, and six cats, two aquariums, two hermit crabs, koi pond and chickens and goats. I love gardening, but that has gone right down the crapper this summer (thanks, work *gives work the finger*) :D.

    So….I guess all my yammering has a point…the point is…even if you DO have children, a hobby, too many animals….you are going to have days where you feel exactly like what you described! And that’s ok. Let those days go on through you and wash on by.

    Get looking for that house!

    It’s days like this that will inspire you to come up with something besides motherf*cking crossstitch! Lol!

    • Ah thanks Lauri, it’s good to know this happens to the best of us occasionally. I’m blaming Ballarat – it was so much fun that I’ve been bored shitless by everything in my life ever since.

      Kudos to everyone that spends 20 years on the kids! *high five*

      • Ha! Well, nagging is something I try to avoid, GOM.
        And my kids seem to be having WAY too much fun to have any children yet…which is fine with me! I’ll be a totally smitten grandma if I ever am one, but if not….go kids! 😉

  2. *high five back* !!

    Yeah, Ballarat did sound like one of those experiences which makes everything else sort of blah! You’ll get over it! 😉

    • Maybe you could have a word to my mother…I think she believes there’s a special circle of hell reserved for murderers, rapists and only children that neglect to excrete grandchildren.

      • Ohmaga….I snorted out loud at “excrete grandchildren”.
        I admit I would love a grandchild, I would be totally smitten and obnoxious about having one. But….I really think that whatever they decide is best. I mean, good grief….if they don’t want them for the love of Dog, don’t HAVE them!

  3. I remember the way I felt one day when the Jehovas came door knocking and told me that after all the death and judging and resurrection stuff happened that I would live forever. I just couldn’t think of anything worse. What am I going to do every day! I’m thinking 85 will do me then I’ll be ready for a nice rest.

  4. Go on a drinking tour of Europe, silly. Actually if I could live forever I’d visit every island and tropical forest, eat my brains out and study every small tropical mammal in existence. Then I’d see hundreds of plays and make an independent film. Want to join me?

  5. LOL Emmy, it sounds like you’ve given this some thought! All of the above would be wonderful, were it not for the ‘paying off the house’ rubbish that GOM kindly brought up. Although if you do ever find yourself immortal, do let me know your secret and I’ll happily join you for a global drinking, eating, mammalian, bohemian fiesta!!!

    (Just quietly, I think you may be onto something with the studying…I think my brain is starting to need something to do)

  6. “If you can close each day reflecting on a few little blessings and achievements, and wake up tomorrow with greater (or perhaps slightly lesser on those rare occasions when the aforementioned day involved some overindulgence in Nectars of the Gods) enthusiasm for all the opportunities which accompany the gift of life, then the years will take care of themselves.”


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