Stand By Me

Thanks to GOF for pointing this one out to me – Playing For Change has been around for a couple of years apparently, but I’ve somehow failed to come across them before. The youtube channel is well worth checking out; they have some beautiful covers by some absolutely astonishing street performers. People never cease to amaze me (usually in a bad way, but not in this instance).


I’m not entirely convinced it’s as good as this version, however:







13 thoughts on “Stand By Me

  1. That first one gave me chills and made me very very happy! So glad you guys shared it.
    What a beautiful thing!
    Now I can watch the Muppet version! πŸ™‚

    • “Hi, I’M A BUNNEEH!” …..hahaha man, I go into hysterics every time I watch it. I had Dark Crystal nightmares. Those puppets were hella creepy.

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