Madonna of the Hops

I have a bunny!

We want big booty bunnies


Well, technically I don’t just yet – she has one more vaccination tomorrow, and then I can collect her. Her shelter name is Madonna, but seeing as I’m not comfortable with naming any of my pets after a fifty year old lady who thinks it’s acceptable to prance around in public in a leotard, she will be rechristened ‘Roman’. Because she’ll be roamin’ around the house, y’see. It’s also a Nicky Minaj reference, because my bunny has a big ol’ booty.

I wasn’t planning on getting a big bunny (she’s actually bigger than my poor cat), but here’s what Bunny Shelter Lady said about her:

“She’s an independent girl. We’ve tried to bond her several times, but she doesn’t seem to want anyone else living with her. She just wants to have her own space.”

Lightbulb moment – Roman is me in rabbit form. Sold! She was an absolute bitch to all the other bunnies, then promptly fell in love with my friend Nikki and covered her in licks and smooches. She didn’t seem quite as impressed by me, but I’m sure she’ll change her mind when I present her a cat to eat.


25 thoughts on “Madonna of the Hops

  1. Aww, she’s beautiful!
    Good luck with getting her home and settled
    – and negotiating some sort of non-aggression treaty with the cat.
    We will need photo documentation of course!

    • Thanks Drude! And thanks so much for your tips, too 🙂 There will definitely be some photo and video documentation. I suspect some fur may fly, at first.

  2. Oh you young’uns are funny. You wait until you’re fifty and I bet you change your mind about the leotard thing. You won’t be ready for Noni B I can assure you.

    She’s a podgy little thing your Romadonna isn’t she?

    Oh and her name reminds me of how we came about a name for our cat Costas – he costas two bucks.

    • I don’t even want to wear leotards now, let alone when I’m fifty. That woman needs to put some pants on.

      Haha, Mum’s cat is called Marni because he cost a lot of marni. I’m sure there are people who name their kids this way too.

      • Thats funny, we had a cat called Marni as well. He satrted out as Little Man but when we sang out his name we’d always drag the Man out so much – Little Ma-han – that he became Marnie. There’s a girl in my class this semester called Sarata and I have no idea how her parents came up with it but I always have an urge to call her Sakata.

  3. Oh, I can see the attitude in her eyes. She’s perfect. 😉

    I am so happy for you! (And for poor “Madonna”. Can you imagine the humiliation being stuck with a name like that)?

    • She sure has attitude, she’s sprawled out in the living room like she owns the joint. I’m not sure how I’m going to get her back in her enclosure!

    • She’s got bunnitude alright. She’s already chased the cat. They told me she was a ‘medium standard’ – I’m guessing that’s the standard base-model bunny? She doesn’t look terribly ‘medium’ though – when she’s all flopped out it’s like a semi-trailer’s parked in my lounge.

      • We have three larger than avg females. She may have some continental giant or NZ giant in her. Burgess weighs twice as much as her man Levi and Vuvu dwarfs little Max. Std weight is like std cat weight.
        She is showing the cat who is boss, just in case, because the cat is a predator species and she is a prey species. Plenty of people have buns and cats and they eventually curl up and sleep together and even groom each other and this will likely happen because Roman will want a furry friend to groom her. The cat can easily jump up somewhere that the bunny can not and so it is very unlikely it will get nasty.

        • Your big bunnies are adorable!! There was a funny bonded pair at the shelter too – a tiny little boy and a big heifer of a girl, she was nearly triple his size.
          I they both get along like that, it would be so sweet…my cat’s not exactly the friendliest feline on the block, so I’ll be grateful just for plain indifference. At the moment the cat stays as faaaar away as possible.

  4. Awww! She’s beautiful and I LOVE that you understand her independent personality!
    We had a guinea pig that we took in from the shelter and she would viciously attack any other pig we tried to put in with her. We quickly learned she wanted to be an “only pig”. She kept her cage so neat and didn’t want anyone messing it up.
    I admired her attitude and her wishes and she had a solo cage her entire life with us. “Princess Cyress” earned her title!

    Hooray for Roman! Critters with homes make my day!

    • Cheers to all the little misfits! The house is officially full of strange girls now – anti-social cat, miss thang bunny, and me.

      It’s funny how they all have their own personalities, isn’t it? I’ve heard that rats can be very intelligent and charismatic too.

  5. Welcome to your new bunbun! GeologyW just posted my link ^^up there but my blog is private. i can add you if you want, M!

    My bunny Buz is a 3-lb mini-lop who totally rulz over my 13-lb cat. Bunny was here first, but it’s still impressive because Mishoo (my cat) was a hunting tomcat stray with all his equipment when I took him in. Yet, he deferred to Buz from the very beginning, gives him all due respect, and has never ever been aggressive or predatory. Mishoo has been on the receiving end of bunny-bites, which we know can be very painful, so if doesn’t evade a charging, growling 3-lb bunny, he knows what will happen. On some weird level still, they enjoy each other’s company.

    My advice is simply–>make sure they each have a space to call their own. Make sure each can get away from the other when they want. Supervise all contact, always. My home is small so it’s easy to do. Play with each of them in plain sight of the other. Give attention equally. If your kitty is unimpressed with Roman, watch out that Roman doesn’t stress the living daylights out of him. Who knows, they may bond without your having to do a thing!

    • Hi Jaypo, thanks for stopping by! I’m so happy that I’ve stumbled onto a gold mine of bunny wranglers here 🙂 Cheers for the tips – I’ve been keeping bunny in one room, and I figure kitty will come in to suss things out when she’s good and ready. At the moment she’s staying as far away as she possibly can!

      I can’t even imagine how much patience it would take to earn a stray cat’s trust – kudos to you.

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