She goes na na na na na…

…nana na na naa na na nana na na na na na na naa naa SHE’S GOT THE LOOK.

Guess who went to the Roxette concert this week? That would be me.

There was no mucking about. No drawn out intro, no fancy-pants stage set up, no inane onstage banter – just four back-up musicians and Marie and Per cranking out the pop, looking more energetic than anyone of their vintage has any right to be. Especially considering Marie underwent a brain tumour operation a few years ago, leaving her with some difficulty remembering the words to their more recent songs. She had a lot of love from the crowd, partly for her trials I suspect, but mainly because she’s cute as a little blonde Swedish bug.  And Per…well, let’s just say despite being twenty-three years my senior, I would totally go there.

“It Must Have Been Love” was very moving – Marie sang the opening line and the crowd sang the rest.  “Dangerous” and “Dressed for Success” were fun and energetic, and of course everyone went mental over “Joyride”. I closed my eyes and swayed a lot, especially to “Fading Like A Flower” and “Perfect Day”.

I realised during the evening that for the entire twenty-three years I’ve been listening to Roxette albums, I’ve never bothered to learn the lyrics. Thus I hollered along to my favourite songs with the same exuberant gibberish I employed as a six-year-old:

Walking like a man, hitting like hammer
She’s a chewing gum scam, never walk a critter
Testy licker raindrop, SHE’S GOT THE LOOK!

Helping me around, cos Emma’s got a mother
And she’s spinning me around kissing in a cover
Loving as a white dog, SHE’S GOT THE LOOK!


5 thoughts on “She goes na na na na na…

    • They may come back for another round, with ticket sales being so successful…apparently they got knocked back by two concert promoters who thought there’d be no interest – then they sold out everywhere and had to schedule extra shows. Someone lost a lot of money on that decision.

  1. OMG! I loved this song!!!!! The energy of bands like this……well, is it any wonder I’m a happy go lucky adult? (Okay, you’d never know from reading my website…..fair enough)

    That sounds like a rockin’ time. No drab colors there. What the heck is with all these dumb secretary looks going on at the Gap – we need more pinks and purples. Seriously. Glad she’s recovering. What a brave woman to get back on stage after that.

    Would love to see one of these shows.

    • Definitely check them out if you ever get the chance – they obviously still love what they do, and it comes across.

      Oh yeah, I’m a bright colour girl too – I’m all brown hair and brown skin and brown eyes, so I need something to stand out!!

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