Things I’ve learnt about bunnies:

They frequently die and come back to life. Roman falls asleep on her side with her eyes rolled back in her head and no visible signs of respiration. She first decided to do this on a thirty-eight degree day, and I had a complete panic thinking I’d killed my first ever rabbit in under three weeks.

They don’t mind being picked up, unless it’s by ME. I took Romy to the bunny vet, who calmly lifted her up, prodded her, turned her upside down and crammed medieval torture devices into her mouth. My traitorous little vermin submitted to it like a trained pony.

When they sit up on their hind legs and wash their faces with both paws, it’s THE CUTEST THING IN THE UNIVERSE AND OMG I WANT TO SQUISH YOUR FWUFFY WIDDLE HEAD

Racial tolerance
They like cats. Well, Roman likes cats. The following exchange takes place every evening while I’m trying to eat dinner and watch Jenna Marbles on Youtube.

Roman: Hey Cat! Look how fast I can run! Hey Cat! I’m going to run up to you as fast as I can, and I bet you think I won’t stop in time! Hey Cat! HEY CAT!

Mini: Piss off.

Roman: Hey Cat! Is this your bed? Look, I’m chewing on it! Hey Cat! I’m totally digging in your bed right now! Hey, look how fast I can run! Hey Cat! CAT! CATCATCATCATCAT!!!

Mini: Seriously, piss the fuck off.

Roman: Hey Cat! Wanna race me to the end of –


Roman’s been whapped upside the head a couple of times, but they seem to be getting used to each other.


I've passed out in worse places.


16 thoughts on “Things I’ve learnt about bunnies:

  1. It’s SO much fun to watch them interact. Even the “Piss the fuck off”s! Hee!
    Roman sounds as if she has landed in exactly the right spot! Even if she doesn’t want you to pick her up.
    I’m glad she was so good at the vet! What a smart girl! 🙂

    • It’s hilarious. Cats and dogs are great for love and interaction, but for pure entertainment value I think I bunny might trump them.

  2. I find the same traitorous behavior in my cats. They don’t mind being petted or picked up, but for no more than 5-10 seconds. The vet, however, can do all manor of awful things to them and they accept it! (And give me “Why are you allowing him to molest me?” looks).

    I think I’ve spotted a possible answer to the ‘why doesn’t Inga have a permanent boyfriend’ dilemma … you cannot go around squishing the heads of cute things.

    • What? I thought boys enjoyed senseless acts of violence.

      Maybe the vets have some kind of airborne sedative pumping through their waiting room. I wish I could get some for the office.

    • Mini’s cute enough to get away with the potty mouth. And I hope you’re not mocking the cat fanciers – the last thing you need is the pussy posse bashing down your door. need for further comment.

  3. Ives loves bunnies. I wish they could have a playdate.

    I’ve had so many pet scares, after we brought Ives home he developed a fever of 107. We came home and found him unconscious, slumped on the floor. They will scare us sometimes!

    • Aww, they’d get along so well!

      Sick pets are scary, it makes it worse that you can’t ask them what’s wrong, what they ate or whether they’ve been playing with other sick animals.

  4. How fun to read this! I have not had the cat-bunny thing but know some who do and the bunny can definitely take on the cat in most cases. Rabbits have a very hard head, hence their ability to push a file cabinet with it (like Bibble) or a secured gate down (like Herman).
    I love the photo! More!

    • They do have very hard heads, don’t they? Roman pushes her enclosure down too – I’ve come home from work a couple of times to find a very smug rabbit sitting on the couch.

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