You know what really gets in the way of blogging? Work. I really need to pull my finger out and finish off my PNG stories, but in the meantime I have some updates:


Yes, I have a job! As some of you may remember, last year a tried to buy a house but got the vapours when I realised a mortgage would mean I’d have to stay in my soul-sapping job. So I quit, then pitched a massive fit when I was coerced into going to PNG, where I spent three weeks bitching about everything and stressing about having no income.

Within two weeks of returning home, I had a job offer. Sometimes I’m an histrionic idiot.

Anyway, I’m now the office manager for a company that supplies fancy brain devices to the healthcare sector. I’m practically a doctor. My first two days on the job they flew me to their head office in New Zealand for ‘training’, which turned out to mean drinking wine and being shown around Auckland. I miss my old colleagues, but this new mob is a lovely bunch too – and funnily enough, each of my workmates at my old job seems to have an identical counterpart in this company. I wonder if every workplace on the planet has an obligatory Terrifying Matriarch, Super-Intelligent Yet Socially Stunted Tech Professional, Director That Everyone Loves to Hate and Older CEO Who Drives Everyone Nuts With His Archaic Business Practices.

It’s a much longer commute than I’m used to (around 45 minutes) and rather less pay (about a $10K cut), but I’m approximately 5 billion times happier than I was six months ago so I figure I’m still breaking even.


There’s not a great deal worth updating in the life of a bunny, so here’s a photo instead:

Bitch please.

Bitch please.

 She’s so cute and I LOVES HER.

Little Sister

She’s turning fifteen this year and has a boyfriend, so I may soon be facing the depressing prospect of my protégé having more sex than me. Her family keeps her on a very tight reign, which I don’t think is particularly healthy for a strong-headed girl like her – she’s at that age where she’s busting to have her own life, but lacks the means. I remember quite clearly how frustrating it is to be that age, but she seems a whole lot angrier at the world than I ever was. So I just listen to her rants, show her how to cook and drop in the occasional comment about condoms.

The whole project is much more challenging than I thought it would be. The Big Brothers Big Sisters facebook page is full of stories about how much fun volunteers are having with their matches, but to be honest I find it draining. She has a great sense of humour and it’s gratifying to have gained the trust of someone who’s been disappointed by every adult in her life, but the amount of emotional energy it requires is astounding. If parenthood is anything like this, I’m glad I opted out of it a long time ago.

Now here are some random photos of my favourite national park. Have a nice weekend all.



Full moon setting over Port Philip Bay

Full moon setting over Port Philip Bay



Get out of the way, zombie roo.

Get out of the way, zombie roo.



9 thoughts on “Updates

  1. When you rock, the job offers come to you. They seem to fall into your lap just when you need them most. Trust in the universe to provide.

    Love the bun. She looks fierce.

    I had a big sister for a while, I think I mentioned that. I was 15 when I left the placement center and made my luck back home for better or worse. We never spoke again. Not that there was any fallout; I’d just moved beyond needing her. Maybe that makes me awful. I don’t know. I still think of her, though. How could I not? She was a part of my life when I was very, very lonely and sad. She helped me forget about that for an entire day, many many times.

    You may want to prepare yourself to have your heart broken. I’d love to hope you and she will keep in touch forever, but it may not be.

    • You have mentioned your big sister before. I’m not really expecting to stay in contact for long once the ‘match’ is closed – I mean you know what young people are like with staying in touch, and frankly I’m not terrific at it either! Having said that, she’s always talking about moving in with me once she’s old enough to leave home, which is sweet but like hell I’m gonna share my house! I have to keep telling her that lots will change between now and then, and she’ll have other friends to move in with, or a boyfriend…and unlikely as it is, maybe I’LL have a boyfriend living with me. Like you said though, I’m just here to give her some happy times and a different perspective on occasion. And if years down the track she still thinks about me, then that’s pretty damn cool 🙂

      • Well, and all that was in the days before email and Facebook. And you’ve got your blog. So it’s easier than ever before to stay in touch with people.

  2. The job sounds good! The bun looks good! The park photos are awesome.
    I would find it draining to be a Big Sister…but I find interacting with most people draining.

    • That’s what you have animals for Lauri – when the people are draining you, the beasts lift you up again 🙂 Although Orion seems more likely to knock you over, to be honest.

      • Ha!
        I have a huge nasty looking bruise on my upper left chest just below my collar bone where Orion lifted his huge club foot and klonked me with it. It was a love tap, but my husband might get hauled away for battery if anyone sees it!

  3. This post still hasn’t shown up in my reader – and I even changed to a different reader since Google Reader is going kaput! I actually had to click on the link to your page to see if you’d posted anything! THE HORROR!

    Good on the new job. I’m wondering if the trip to PNG didn’t change your perspective somewhat. Less money doesn’t matter if Happiness is increased.

    Cute bunny – almost eating size!

    I emailed your dad to make sure he was still alive, btw. He is.

    • Phew, thanks for checking up on him – I’ve just been sitting here waiting for my inheritance cheque to arrive.

      Which reader did you switch to? I’m thinking of trying Feedley, it seems to be getting a good rap.

      The PNG trip has definitely jiggled things around in the old grey matter. Hopefully for the better, in the long run 🙂

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