Behold my goodies!

Santa’s arrived early at the Inga household!

My goodies are not your goodies.

Get in my belly! Well, maybe not the shot glass.

This would be a US care package from the inimitable Kim, who’s going to find herself with a permanent house guest if she keeps allowing me to sample all her delicious creations (not to mention the wildlife photos and gorgeous scenery). It includes spray cheese, which actually doesn’t taste too bad, considering it’s the “very personification of everything that’s wrong with Western culture.” It went nicely with the jalapenos:


Admit it, you’re jealous.

I actually just wanted to mix the two together in a bowl and spoon it into my face, but thought I’d better add the wrap to make it a balanced meal.

She was kind enough include some more of her lip-smacking preserves, seeing as the last batch she sent got knocked off by a certain older gentleman who shall remain nameless. I made good use of the plum and rosemary preserve – one spoon with a bit of vodka (measured out with my brand new shot glass), lemon juice, mint and sparkling mineral water. Bam, awesome way to finish a 37 degree Monday (98 degrees for you overseas folk). Cheers, Kim, you rock! *clink*



4 thoughts on “Behold my goodies!

  1. What, she didn’t teach you the spray-cheese-directly-into-mouth technique? I do that with whipped cream just to save time.

    Very cool that Kimmers makes her own preserves; I would do so too if I had a whit of talent. I might try and work the Singer sewing machine this year so I hope we can exchange PO boxes or whatever this year. I should at least get you a postcard.

    • She did not! To he honest it took me a little while to figure out how to even make the cheese come out.

      Yessss, send me your address! I know exactly what I’d send, too.

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