Out of my way! I’m a photografologist!

My old man kindly donated his superseded camera to me at Christmas, together with several enthusiastic lectures on its various functions. In deference to his unprecedented generosity, I’ve had to wander around the countryside taking photos of things that are neither drunk selfies nor my boobs.


Photo-ing is way harder than it looks.

Well that's not creepy as balls.

Well that’s not creepy as balls.

It's art, not incompetence.

It’s art, not incompetence.

I used the 'warm' colour setting because it was 38 degrees Celsius that morning.

I used the ‘warm’ colour setting because it was 38 degrees Celsius that morning.

"Are you sure Mecca is this way?"

“Are you sure Mecca is this way?”



National Geographic, here I come.


19 thoughts on “Out of my way! I’m a photografologist!

  1. LOVE the photos, but the captions had me baha-ing!
    Creepy as balls! Yep….for sure!
    And Mecca and the NOM NOM tree. LMAO.

    The “warm” light setting one is very cool. (as in good, not cool).

    Nice jerb! 😉

  2. Oooooo, COOOL! I just scrolled up again to “It’s art, not incompetence” and saw the kangeroo. Missed him on the first glance. (It’s 5:10 am here.) Love that one, too!

  3. Your captions are great; your photos are great. Love the ‘roos – were you able to get really close or does the camera have a decent zoom? LOL @ warm setting – quite appropriate! 🙂

    • They’re in a national park in my area, so they’re pretty used to joggers and cyclists. You can get within a few feet usually – provided one doesn’t freak out and panic all the rest of them!

      So happy it’s finally cooled down a little here – no more 44 degree days for a few months 🙂

  4. Excellent work considering you’d been hamstrung by inept instruction. 🙂
    My favourite is the two kangaroos. It’s certainly a lot drier than when we were wandering around there last year.

    • The instruction is probably the least of my issues 🙂

      It’s very crunchy and dusty – never thought I’d say it, but I think it’s prettier at 2 degrees with a layer if frost on the ground. Shit, I’m Victorian!

  5. Nice shot of the roos. One afternoon when I was little Dad took me out to one of the dams on the farm and we sat there waiting until dusk when they all came out and it was just amazing – there were over a hundred of them. You’ll have to practise your (camera) sniper skills of stillness.

    Love the elephant tree as well.

    • That would be great to see. The most I’ve seen here is about fifty – they all stand up tall and stare at you in unison, and you wonder if you’re about to get curb stomped by a herd of skippies.

      I wish I had better sniper skills taking photos of people in public – that’s where the interesting stuff is!

  6. Those are excellent specimens of photographology! LOVE the hungry snag. And yes, I’m going to have nightmares about that creepy “foot” with the pink sandal on it.

  7. Great shots! Looks like it is the camera, rather than the photographer that make all the difference. I going to have to steal the term photografologist.

    • Aha! The guru makes an appearance 🙂 The photographer definitely has very little to do with it in my case. I’m good at lying in the grass and looking serious though.

        • I’ve never seen a snake there, but I’ve spotted echidnas, wallabies (they’re a lot more camera shy than the roos), blue-tongued lizards, rabbits, foxes and lots of birds. I also saw my first ever hare last weekend – they’re crazy looking, not cute and bunnified at all!

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