Everything you need to know about London and Paris in five minutes.


28 thoughts on “Everything you need to know about London and Paris in five minutes.

  1. Awesome!! Looks like you had a cracking time…?! Love the dig at our blue light sign-writing. Probably another pointless EU diktat. Or maybe it’s to differentiate between the hospital’s ambulance and the coroner’s ambulance? Or the vet’s ambulance. Imagine if you called 999 and they sent the wrong one – you’re sitting on the pavement with a broken leg, end up getting treated for a heart attack. Or by being put down. 😀

    • Hehe, yes we had a bit of a giggle over it (granted, we were probably drunk). It really was heaps of fun, and the place had SO much atmosphere. Spotting all these iconic landmarks for the first time is really something else. Didn’t mind the pub culture either, I’ll confess 😉

  2. Your time in Paris — certainly — was better than mine! I think my time in the IK may’ve elicited more memories but I can’t recall. 😀

    Seriously good fun! Loved this video!

    • A half-recalled holiday is a good holiday 😉 Paris was absolutely beautiful, but not sure I’d be inspired to return. Great place to people-watch, and the men are goooooorgeous 😀

  3. Oddly and Very Oddly, dreamt last night that you, your ma and pa came to El Rancho Reedo to visit. I was flummoxed as to where to take you as you could stay but 45 minutes and we’re an hour from anything.

    Just remembered that!

    • As long as she’s not more than one hour from a pub she’ll be happy Lily. I’ll just laze around eating some of those summer fruits you’ve been advertising. 🙂

      • Sadly, there are no pubby-pubs I’ve found in the US but I’m also not one to ‘go’ far–though I can fairly live in a real pub!

        I hadn’t thought of linking the explanation if the Johnny Appleseed reference but in short:

        Real man (supposedly) who scouted the US when it was but Territories rather than states and carried pack mules if apples with him to eat–dropping cores (with pips) as he went.

        He therefore planted the US with apple trees!

        Kids who found a line it small copse of apple trees in the woods always wonder if they are Johnny Appleseed apples 🙂

        It’s one of our few US immigrant myths.

        I was saying as I drive, I’m spitting pits out the window, planting cherry trees–of course!

        • I have to say that I stumbled upon a bar advertising itself as an “English pub” in rural Tennessee that did indeed echo the atmosphere of a pukka pub and was owned by an ex-pat from Newcastle. I’ve photographic evidence, by thy way.

          • 2 key bits there: rural and ex-pat.


            I’m not saying you can’t find any but you’d be a lucky son of a bitch to do so, therefore…

          • Btw I was saying you wouldn’t find but that’s my bum luck!

            There’s a place still open called Pat’s In Dogtown (regular followers will know my yearly pilgrimage to it). It was started by a now-deceased ex-pat. It used to be just him and his kids, then grand kids running. Now it’s being modernised and I’m not even sure if you can still buy a brain sandwich there or not. I still go but it’s not the same. And was never a pubby-pub though homely enough to be a regular place when I lived near the city.

    • Well that’s clearly a sign I need to do some more travelling! At this point I’m pretty sure all of us would just be happy to some warm sunny weather for 45 minutes.

      • We’ve had unseasonably lovely weather for a week. Now it’s back to 38C-ish with 100% humidity AND sun.

        I can’t take too much heat, so our recent 35C and 65% humidity was a dream come true!

        You missed a horse show this weekend. Now it’ll be til Autumn’s church ‘harvest home’ / Octoberfest time before anything to look at other than Bobby’s bum:)

  4. What that you were saying? I was distracted by……your gorgeous HAIR! You look amazing on film! Nice one.

    Thanks for Le Tour, gosh those police sound nice. Here they would flog us if we so much as asked to bring beer outdoors. Loved that ou got people to sing on film for you. That video has pretty much everything.

    Was the food and coffee as tasty as everyone says?

    • Ayyyy, you know how to get on my good side 😉 You’re a fellow curly-head, aren’t you?

      Yep, Australia’s the same – definitely no drinking in the street. The cop in London was like “we don’t really encourage it, but yes it’s fine if you’re not causing trouble.” Drinking in the park in the sun is awesome!

      The singing guy started up with no prompting at all…he was asking for spare change, then saw I had my camera going and just gave us a little performance.

      I’m not convinced the food and coffee was any better than Melbourne….I found London and Melbourne to be very similiar, but instead of our cafe culture they have this massive pub culture. We only had one bad meal in 2 weeks, so I guess that says something.

      • Mine is a perm. I’m a huge phony. Plus it’s all scraggly now because of the bone-dry yet sopping-humid oddball season we’ve had. Even our garden plants look confused.

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