London & Paris, Part Deux

Wherein we take a trip around the notorious Champs-Élysées roundabout, drink poison, and get targeted by snipers. 



7 thoughts on “London & Paris, Part Deux

  1. I don’t know how those guys on the motorbikes managed that traffic. they’d have to have huge balls to ride there, and it seems that would make riding the bike at all pretty difficult.

  2. Ooo! Thinking that was the Étoile?

    I thank gods I wasn’t driving but still had a panic attack in the Étoile, in a TINY car, at 19h on Friday.

    It took about an hour to get out of, including several cars BUMPING INTO ONE ANOTHER and a guy on a motorbike running up on a hood of a car–not ours but right next to us.

    I never, ever wish to go through that again!!

    Seriously, my nerves can’t handle it!

    • Oh, is that what that crazy roundabout at the Champs Elysees is called? Look at me with my awesome knowledge…

      No way in hell could I be there in a car. That’s cray!

      • If I recall the roundabout in question does ‘accept’ from the CE but 11 other streets as well. I don’t know if it’s the largest in the world but it was the most frightened I’ve been in a prolonged traffic situation.

  3. Love the foot cam! Looks like you had nice clear weather again too. I love both hot coffee and hot soup in the summer. Snails and champagne is good for breakfast though too.


    I hyperventilated seeing that traffic. Pretty shots though, and I’m impressed that ou guys caught all this stuff on film.

    My favorite part was the invisible cat.

  4. We made an effort to video some stuff every couple of days, just to document bits and pieces we may forget down the line. And y’know, be stupid 😀

    That laser thing was weird, we still have no idea who was doing it to us! They must’ve had a good laugh though.

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