I haven’t posted in a while….

…so to keep you interested, here’s a photo I took earlier in the year of one of the larger kangaroo breeds endemic to Melbourne.



11 thoughts on “I haven’t posted in a while….

  1. Holy monster Roo! He’s beautiful! I’ve seen mixed reactions – how close can you get to those critters? I’ve seen goofballs on TV grab their tails (mostly young ones) to control them, but I wouldn’t attempt it myself. Certainly not on HIM!

    • I wouldn’t try to wrestle one (the claws! the kicking!), but I’ve never seen one go out of its way to hurt anyone. They usually hop away from people – the ones in this park are used to seeing walkers/cyclists, and they’re quite happy to stand on the side of the track and watch you go past, provided you don’t make any scary movements, such as trying to remove a camera from a backpack :-/

  2. How come we have never had a flick about a killer roo? We had a beauty about were sheep, a kind of zombie film.

    If you ever come across the movie Black Sheep, check it out. Lots of classic lines in it but my favorite was a when one of the farmers had been bitten and was transforming, he called his brother “a baaaaaaaastard”.

    From memory the special effects came from the team who did the Hobbit.

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