Things I should have blogged about this year but didn’t.

2015 is now lurking about 7 hours away, which seems like as good a time as any to write a panicky ‘holy-shit-I-hardly-blogged-at-all-this-year’ post.

So here is my unwritten 2014, in bullet point form, because I  should be shaving my legs and ironing my eyelashes if I’m going to snag myself a midnight kiss.

  • I took rally driving lessons with a proper rally driver man, and only flirted with him a little bit.
    photo 5 (4) photo 3 (2)
  • Went to a fashion show during Melbourne Fashion Week. Failed to gain fashion, and failed to take a photo that didn’t make the models look like they’re approaching warp speed.


  • I bought a new car. Yes, I know I bought a new one not that long ago, but that one broke, ok? Then the sales manager tried to have an affair with me and things got really weird reeeally quickly.


  • I put on a funny hat with some girlfriends and ended up on the front page of the Sunday paper.

    Sorry, no autographs.

    Sorry, no autographs.

  • Tried to adopt a new bunny, and unfortunately had to return the poor little bugger when my Bunny tried to eat him.


  • Sadly lost Bunny around the middle of the year. She managed to wander off on her own, and a few weeks later somebody found her and handed her into a local shelter. She was quite injured, and they put her to sleep before I could get there to say goodbye. Cried buckets. RIP you badass fuzzy lady.


Everything else you guys know already. Thanks for your company this year, all. Things are getting pretty quiet around WordPress, and I really do enjoy and appreciate the updates from those of you who are still around!

Bring on Two Oh One Five.

Much love, Inga XOX



11 thoughts on “Things I should have blogged about this year but didn’t.

  1. Thanks for the laughs Inga. I have to point my daughter to your post on Frozen which we saw recently. Easily the best review of that movie and the only one I saw that mentioned the cock blocking.

    Looking forward to your contributions in 2015. Take care.

    • Cheers Peter, thank you for your esteemed company. I think I’ll have to rewatch Frozen tomorrow just to forget about this 41 degrees bullshit.

      Have an excellent 2015!

  2. Sorry about the bunnies.

    Also …
    Sorry about the car.
    And really sorry about the eyelashes.

    Since it’s already 2015 there (and only 9:30am on the 31st here) I’m awaiting news on whether the new year is worth looking forward to at all.

  3. The rally car driving looks like it was a blast!

    Yeah, sorry to hear about the bun. Maybe you can try again with a new one now, eh?

    Happy new year!

    (BTW, Rich made an observation: the Aussie calendar you sent, will always be a day off, because it’s always tomorrow in Australia!) 🙂

    • The rally driving was awesome, I’d highly recommend it! Ehhh no more bunnies for me, pets are bloody heartbreaking!

      Just think of it as a fortune-telling calendar, you’ll always know what’s happening ahead of time 😉

      Happy new year, hope it’s fab!

  4. You look rockin’ in that car! Wow.

    So sad about Bunny. What a beautiful photo of her little soul. The little buff one is adorable too, any bun would be lucky to have you.

    Love the paper photo. I’m not familiar with White Night, but your smile makes it look wicked fun!!

    • That little beige guy was sooo damn cute, but Bunny just never played well with other buns. Hopefully he went to a better home!

      White Night is a kind of light festival where they project lots of pretty colours onto all our old buildings, and there are arty things going on everywhere. We weren’t even there for White Night, we were on our way to a fun run down the road (the Neon Run…you put fluorescent paint on and wear glow-bands, wait for the sun to sent then run around a lake for 5km), and a photographer stopped us. I dunno what the hell I was laughing at.

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